Dirty Laundry

by Richard Scarry

Winning the battle against the laundry piles is quite an endeavor when you are a mom working full-time. However, when following a couple of rules, the never-ending laundry piles become quite a bit less intimidating.

The more frequently, the better… Waiting until the entire family has collected mounds of laundry won’t make this task any easier. Once you can fill a machine of whites/darks/colors, go ahead and get it done.

Dedicate a certain day/time and keep that FREE… Schedule your time and dedicate it depending on your family’s needs. One load on Monday night and one/two on Saturday morning could be one example. Just make sure you keep that time slot empty.

Don’t start what you can’t finish… Laundry will be less of a stress factor if you allow the process to be completed. When working, I always ran into the problem of having a wash started and not getting it to dry right away or clothes would be sitting in the dryer until wrinkled. Check how long it takes you to wash, dry, fold, and distribute a load and only do it when you can get it done. Ironically, you will find that you will end up using less time doing laundry this way. If time is really hard to find, explore your quick-wash cycle. Mine works for most of the laundry, even when using cold water only.

Request support… You are doing your part by working so don’t hesitate to have your family step up to the plate when it comes to laundry. Every family member of mine has their own hamper. On your dedicated laundry day, have everyone bring it to the laundry room. Distribution of the laundry can be up to themselves (if old enough). You might even want to consider having a triple hamper where clothes can be sorted into by the family members.

And just as an FYI: I read a book called “Dirty Linens” by Jean-Claude Kaufmann back in college. I believe to remember that he talks about how there is not laundry and ironing job done as well as in the military…by MEN… You might want to give that a thought. 😉

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