Staying on top of your monthly family finances falls short in many families. A little expense here, some gas there and before you know it, your account is drained without knowing for sure where all the money went… unless, of course, you sat down breaking down how you spend, and for that, you simply have no time.

We provide a financial sheet which every Woman in the Burbs should use. It contains the income and expenses for the typical family and can be easily modified. The sheet is fully prepared and will track every dollar you spend by category. Important is that you dedicate about 5 minutes of time to fill in your numbers. That can be once a day or once a week… what ever works best. I found this tool to be super helpful when it comes to cutting expenses and for budgeting purposes.¬†After all, the goal is to be ON TOP of your finances. As moms, we can do anything and you will be amazed how easily and quickly you can be in charge of your charges.

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