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Prince Lionheart WashPod

One of my (if not THE) favorite products for my baby was the WashPod. It keeps baby warm during bathing due to the higher water level than the regular tubs which I found to be sooo cold. The baby rests in fetal position just like it did in the womb. It feels secure by the narrow shape of the “bucket”. Although the WashPod provides much better stability than any other tub, you should never take your hands off your baby while bathing. When 6 months came around we switched to a regular tub and at around 11 months, I took out the WashPod to give my baby a sponge bath. When he saw it he tried to climb in immediately and we got another 2 months of usage out of it.

Pros: small and conveniently stored, safe, warm for baby, womb-like comfort

Cons: not available for toddlers 🙁

Cost: The WashPod runs at around $25 in stores (BuyBuyBaby, Babies’R’Us, Toys’R’Us, BedBath&Beyond). You can find it for a few dollars less online but would have to pay shipping. There is a comparable “Tummy Tub” but that is easily twice the price and the WashPod holds up just fine in comparisons. Your best deal might be to get it at buybuybaby/bedbathbeyond where it is sold for $21.99. Use your 20% coupon and get it for $17.60.

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