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Veggies Don’t Stink

I am researching a lot of recipes for children to make sure the diet is well balanced and the ingredients low in -or better yet- free off additives and other junk. What I find almost everywhere is the attempt to feed your children their needed veggies by hiding them. The creativity is mind-blowing and the typical veggie mush in the meatloaf only the beginning. I am not a friend of this kind of cooking and here is why: Eating healthy should not be something your kids don’t know about. Veggies are not the evil little devils that sneak into food and spoil all good taste. Eating healthy begins by learning why we should eat healthy and what all those vitamins and minerals are good for anyways. How is your child going to learn liking veggies if it doesn’t even know it is eating them??? Becoming best buddies with their own bodies will promote a child’s understanding of what they need and will be a great step into creating a healthy eater. Don’t force your children but work on them wanting to eat better. Set a good example and comment on why you eat this way. (“I want more of these carrots because I heard that they help you see in the dark and I’ve got to try this.”) If your daily dinners are junky throughout, begin by introducing one or two healthy meals per week and work your way up. Remember: eating healthy and clean is a habit.

One of my mottos with my kids is “Some Things Are Not Negotiable!” Eating vegetables is one of those things.

– remain strict and stand your grounds

– find fun facts or eat your way through the vegetable and fruit alphabet

– chose the veggies they like best and even sprinkle their favorite spice on top

– and -the little more calculated one- load the plate with veggies up when they are REALLY hungry! 😉

– just DON’T hide the veggies in the meatloaf

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