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With the summer comes the grilling. What I like most about grilling is not the food (although wonderful) but the pace of the lunches or dinners. While a kitchen-table-dinner is eaten faster than it is cooked, the steps of cooking and eating are in sync when you grill and I love that.

The not so fun part about grilling dinners is my constant concern of the charing of meats and vegetables. I never thought about it much until I became a mom and now all I see is carcinogens. So today, I came across this: “Marinating with lemon & olive oil decreases Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs), chemicals produced by the grilling of meat that may be harmful to human health. …Other ways to decrease HCAs is to grill veggies instead of meat, avoid burning/charring meat, or to opt for beef or fish on the grill (chicken has been shown to produce 2-7 times the amount of HCAs).” [Source:]

And, by the way, my daughter (9) loves to make marinates with the items I set out. It is a great opportunity to let your children explore being a chef as there is little room for error.

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