Working Mom, Mom with BabyThe times of every mom being home tending to the needs of their families full time are over; we all know that. For most mothers a second income has become one of the biggest needs their family has and working full time while still managing kids and household effects roughly 70% of all moms. Up until a year ago, I was one of those moms who commute, work a full day, commute back, pick up their child (-ren), run home to get dinner ready which hopefully did not require any last minute purchases from the grocery store, and have an eye on homework which often was a nightmare at the -by then- late hour. In addition there is laundry piling up, the bills and other correspondence find its resting place in some corner  and grow higher and higher.  I found all these doable tasks but noticed that the stress level increased dramatically for us as parents and our children.

I now enjoy the liberty of being home with my 1-year-old and often ask myself how I would fit going back to work full time into my day. Millions of moms do it all. For “Woman in the Burbs” (where we welcome all city moms as well) I have picked the categories which I found to be hardest to juggle during a work week. You will find dinner plans, financial tools, simple organizing projects, and quick daily tips on living greener and healthier. There is endless information out there on how to make your stormy waters a little calmer and I will do the work of finding it, evaluating it, and bundling it here for your quick and easy reference.  I would like this website to be the helping hand I wish I had back when I was a working mother and wife.

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