Thanksgiving Table Setting

When preparing for a holiday, I start early… way early. Several weeks prior to the date, I will think of the menu, the table decor, and some little touches I might find online or inspirations I see in stores. Somewhere, I saw the idea of these little Mayflower ships for place cards. We have three children in our family for Thanksgiving and I thought they would all get a kick out of these ships. I bought brown felt and cut the shapes for the ships. With off-white yarn I sewed around the edges. To help the ships stand, I filled them with corn kernels. I inserted a stick for the sail and dripped hot glue to fix the corn and stick. For the sail, I bought an antique-looking paper and burned off the edges to give it more of a weathered look. The names are written with a simple black pen. I truly love personal touches and hand-made things. I like the effort and the joy the preparations can bring to a family.

Part of preparing for a holiday like Thanksgiving is also to plan which food you will serve in which dish. I personally like variety when it comes to foods and will prepare 12 different dishes. I make sure all my bowls and casseroles are clean. I mark them with little labels and will set them on my sideboards to assure that all will fit come Thanksgiving day. Better leave nothing to chances.  For all my recipes, I created an ingredients list which I took as a shopping list. For the preparations in the kitchen (recipes and schedule of when to cook what) I had print outs for each dish noting the recipe, the dish it will be served in, and when I will do which steps of the cooking.

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