A Healthy Mexican-Style Burger

In my attempt to provide my family with healthy meals, I have cut out several recipes only to find that the cravings for exactly those increased among the husband as well as the kids. Chinese food has almost been named food group at my house and none of us was really able to stay away from Mexican food either. Luckily, every dish can be given the health-twist and I have just made a Mexican Burger that will leave even the toughest crowd pleased! I served a chicken-thigh patty on a whole grain roll with green salsa and refried beans. Here we go for 6 burgers:

Puree the following for the green salsa:
8-10 tomatillos (quartered, charred under the broiler, and peeled to get the flesh)
1 charred and peeled poplano pepper
1 cup (not packed) fresh cilantro
salt, pepper, ground cumin (about 1/2 tsp of each)
1 tbsp olive oil

1 lb ground chicken thigh meat
1 package of low-sodium taco spice mix
small can of refried beans
appr. 1 cup grated Mexican (or Cheddar) cheese
6 whole grain hamburger rolls
1 cup chopped lettuce (butter lettuce)

– Mix ground chicken meat with taco spice, form 6 patties and cook in olive oil until golden brown and fully cooked
– cut open rolls and arrange on baking sheet
– spread 1 heaping tbsp of refried beans on the bottom part, 1 heaping tbsp of grated cheese on top part of the rolls and bake in oven until cheese is melted and bean spread is warmed through
– top the parts with the bean spread with chopped lettuce and patty
– spread a generous amount of green salsa on patty and cover burger with top

Serve immediately with non-fat sour cream, guacamole or any other sides. This dish is high in proteins, vitamins and numerous other nutrients and definitely hits the spot when you crave a good Mexican-inspired meal. You could boost the benefits of this meal by using chicken breast meat instead of the thigh but I found this to be juicier and a better option for being served on a grain. However, if using the breast meat, try mixing in some precooked oats to make your patties moister.

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