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Pumpkin Fun

pumpkin, halloween, carving, jack-o-lanternChoosing a costume, going trick-or-treating, and collecting candy that will last until next Spring are the funs of Halloween. A huge part for children is the pumpkin-carving and that gives you the chance for a small but really memorable family event. When preparing to carve your family’s pumpkin(-s), make sure you have enough time and all necessary tools. Projects like this turn into childhood memories and you should try your best to keep those couple of hours happy and stress free.

For a memorable pumpkin-carving, try to pick the pumpkin with your kids together. They will love to be involved and make decision during a fun (even if short) family outing. When selecting the image/pattern make sure it is something the children could help with or even attempt to do themselves rather then being spectacular and over-the-top. What I love about such projects is that both, the pumpkin and the pattern provide the perfect opportunity to show your kids that there is beauty in flaws and imperfections. šŸ˜‰ Consider picking an ugly pumpkin this year and make it your own and special in every way.

To create anĀ ambianceĀ that is fun and happy, play some harvest songs or start cooking a pumpkin bisque for dinner. For the little family members, there are lots of pictures that can be colored and used for decorating around the pumpkin later. I found a lot of fun things at the Hershey’s website:


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